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Via de Cristo means “way of Christ” in Spanish.  It is the Lutheran version of the original “Cursillo” event that mixes talks, personal stories, lots of great music & singing with plenty of good food, fellowship, and laughter and prayer time.  The objective is to inspire, challenge and equip people for Christian action in their homes, churches and communities.  Via de Cristo is for adults of all ages, single or married; with separate men’s & women’s weekends that begin Thursday evening and end Sunday afternoon.

 The Lutheran Via de Cristo movement began in 1980 and has had over 600 weekends in Minnesota, alone! The weekends are fabulous opportunities for participants to live, learn, sing, worship and commune together daily, filled with experiences created to strengthen and renew your Christian faith, and open your eyes to a life lived in God’s Grace. It is a combined effort of lay people and clergy that is more than just a retreat, it is an opportunity to learn, renew and rekindle your “faith fire”.  In short, my experience at Via de Cristo moved my faith from my head to my heart.

 We have many fellow members of Gethsemane who have attended, and continue to volunteer to serve on these weekends. If you are interested and want to know more about these weekends, ask any of these people or contact me for a brochure, dates of upcoming weekends and applications.

 Don’t miss out on these great opportunities for your faith journeys!

 Remember….God loves you and so do I!

 Mayme Barber,  Via de Cristo Liason

Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church

 2015 Weekends:

#626 Men – October 8-11 – Gethsemane Lutheran Church – 901 4th St So – Virginia, MN

#627 Women – October 15-18 – Gethsemane Lutheran Church – 901 4th St So – Virginia, MN

#628 Men – October 15-18 – St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church – 1575 Charlton St – West St. Paul, MN

#629 Women – October 22-25 – St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church – 1575 Charlton St – West St. Paul, MN

If you would like to speak with someone from Gethsemane that has/is involved in the Cristo community, please talk with: Sheryl & Kim Kochevar, Sheila & Richard Vandervort, Darlys & Jon Jacobson, Wendy & Tom Krause, Char Meinzer, Andrew Meinzer, Mayme & Tom Barber, Karen Roberts, Ron & Peggy Reierson, Pastor Nathan Sager, Kathy Sandnas, Bonnie King, Rick & Brenda Varani, Kathy Bogren, Bill and Jeannine Bauman, Deb Poderzay, Paige & Jacob Rosandich, Danyell Vesel, Monica Workman, Skip Bol, Pam Burgess, Deron & Sheila Davidson, Leslie Gustafson, Laurie Harvey, Ruth Koski, Evie Kinnunen, Patricia Monacelli, Melissa Nelson, Jolene Roush, Brenda Ryberg, and Harry Lamppa