Teddy Bears

                                           God’s Love through a Teddy Bear

As you sit in chuimg-thingrch, you might find yourself seated next to a huggable member of the congregation – a teddy bear. These teddy bears have sat through a church service, might even have sung with the choir, or even gone up with some members for communion. At the end of each church service, you are invited to take the bears into the community and give them to friends, family members or strangers who may need a reminder of God’s love.

None of the bears can go out without first going through a church service. On their tag it says they have been loved by our congregation, and now they are coming to you with that love and the love of God.

To continue this ministry of God’s love, we will need all of your help. We do not have a budget line for this ministry but you could help us out by donating new or gently used teddy bears or if you would rather – a cash donation to help purchase bears and ribbon. please contact the church office.